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Mr. Adoum Ousmane, Managing Director
Transatlantic Trading, Inc
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. Suite 1025
Washington D.C. 20006  USA
Telephone: 202 559 9233 / 240 472 7811


Mr. Ouya-Gnele Mbogo François, Technical Director
Tel : + 7-812-362-15-56
Mobile : + 7-905-218-15-56
Fax : +7-812-365-20-08
Email :

REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON                                                        Yaounde                                                                                                     Mr. Sylvain Allasra Tolbe                                                                    Regional Director                                                                                     Tel: 011 237 6 51 28 03 72 / 011 237 656 25 59 67


Mr. Yves Tallot, Commercial Director
Tel : 221 77 659 2685
Email :

Resident Representative Office

Mr. Goulonzon E. Bienvenu
Tel:229 97 28 05 05/ 95 15 11 75

Mr. Djibril Arouna
Tel: 229 94 12 00 84 / 97 98 53 51

Mr. Koi Emmanuel
Tel: 229 97 76 83 93 / 95 40 11 39

What Can You Do If Your Business Is Interested In This Financing?
Applying for financing is a partnership job that requires a concerted effort. The parties involved must be ready to put in the necessary time and resources required for success. Interested businesses must know that the process takes time—from several weeks to several months. In order for Eximbank financing to be qualified, companies must be in business for at least three full years, with positive financial results for the last two years. They must be able to present three years of audited financial statements. The analysis of the business’s financing applications is based on the financial outcome of the last three fiscal years. If the business passes the preliminary eligibility requirements, it can provide other documents necessary for analyzing the application. Eximbank's financing decision will be based on the strength of the financial statements. Eximbank cannot finance more than 40% of the company’s net worth, which often means 40% of the company's equity capital. For companies with weak financial statements or that have been in business for less than three years, it is possible to use a third party to guaranty the transaction. The third party can be another company with strong financial statements or a financial institution, such as a bank. In fact, many transactions have been done with a guarantee from African banks.

Our references:
Transatlantic Trading is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB's objective is to create an ethical market place where buyers and sellers can trust each other. The BBB ensures that high standards of trust are set and maintained. Not all companies are allowed to become member of the BBB. Transatlantic Trading is proud to be one of them. For more information about the BBB, visit their site at

Research of Partners
Transatlantic Trading is looking for potential partners, individuals, or companies who are interested in working on projects in their own countries. The ideal candidates will have a good knowledge of the business environment in their own country and will have a strong motivation to work on the kind of projects that Transatlantic Trading will undertake.

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